Please note: Variations in temperature and rainfall greatly affect ripening dates.


ATLASEarly September to mid-SeptemberXXXXXXXOne of the best for making jelly.
CORTLANDMid-September to late OctoberXXXXXXXXXVery crisp, white flesh. Flavour mild and slightly tart. Doesn’t brown quickly. Good for freezing
DUCHESSMid-August to early SeptemberXXXXXXXHeirloom apple. Fine juicy flesh. Does not keep for long.
DUDLEYMid-August to early SeptemberXXXXXXFirm, juicy, tart flesh.
EMPIRELate September to OctoberXXXXXXXXCrisp, juicy, aromatic, sweet flesh. Slightly tart.
FAMEUSELate September to mid-OctoberXXXXXXXXSlightly aromatic, juicy and tart.
GALASeptember to OctoberXXXXXXXFirm, juicy, fine textured flesh. Crisp, sweet taste that can’t be beat.
GINGER GOLDSeptemberXXXXXXXVery juicy, crunchy flesh.
HONEYCRISPmid September to OctoberXXXXXXXXXExceptional new variety. Crisp, sweet and juicy.
HUMEMid September to late SeptemberXXXXXXGreen with purple blush. Very white flesh which browns quickly.  Very quick ripening.  Does not keep long.
IDA REDLate September to OctoberXXXXXXXXWhite, firm, crisp and juicy. Retains its shape when cooked.
JONAGOLDLate September to late OctoberXXXXXXXJuicy, superb, rich, full flavor.
JONAMACSeptemberXXXXXXXXXFlavor similar to McIntosh but more tart. When baking, slices tend to be melting and juicy.
LOBOSeptemberXXXXXXXXXCrisp flesh. Tart flavour. Makes nice white froth when stewed for sauce.
McINTOSHSeptember to OctoberXXXXXXXXXFlesh white, firm, tender. Especially juicy, slightly tart. Most aromatic of apples.
NORTHERN SPYOctoberXXXXXXXXXHeirloom apple..Fine grained, rather firm, very tender, crisp and juicy. Tart and aromatic. Holds its shape when cooked.
PAULA REDLate August to mid-SeptemberXXXXXXXXXOne of the better early season eating apples. Has the pleasant tartness of McIntosh.
PETCHMid-September to late SeptemberXXXXXXXXXOur very own creation! White flesh, firm, tender. Especially juicy, slightly tart. Very aromatic apple. Similar to McIntosh.
RED CORTLANDSeptemberXXXXXXXXXVery crisp, white flesh. Flavor mild and slightly tart. Doesn’t brown quickly. Good for freezing.
RED DELICIOUSLate September to early OctoberXXXXXXXA favourite. Classic heart shape, deep ruby colour skin covers a sweeter flavored apple.
RUSSETOctoberXXXXXXXXXHeirloom apple. Good keeping qualities.
SPARTANMid-September to mid-OctoberXXXXXXXXXDistinctive sweet flavor. Snowy-white flesh, small core.
TOLMAN SWEETLate September to early OctoberXXXXXXHeirloom apple. Medium-sized, yellow skinned. Flesh is white, very sweet and firm. Good eating apple and excellent for sauce because of its sweetness.
VISTA BELLALate July to early August XXX XXX Early ripening.
WEALTHYEarly September to late September XXX XX Early ripening.
WOLF RIVERSeptember to mid-OctoberXXXXXXXHeirloom apple. Very large. White, coarse flesh. Tender, subacid-tart and juicy. Outstanding culinary apple.

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